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Kara Kuryllowicz

100 Hampton Ave,
Toronto ON M4K 2Y8

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    Kara is one of the best freelancers I have ever hired. She is reliable, intelligent, proactive and always keeps me in the loop on her progress. She is versatile and can handle any number of topics. I really like that she will brainstorm with me on the best ways to approach a story. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an organized, clear and accurate writer.
    Emily Atkins, Publisher and editor-in-chief, MM & D and Purchasingb2b, Fleet Management and Canadian Automotive Review, Rogers Publishing
    Because Kara understands our business and appreciates the subtleties of corporate communications, she gets our messages across to internal and external stakeholders. She makes a point of delivering on our high expectations and tight deadlines.
    Sharon Mackay, director, corporate affairs, Labatt Breweries of Canada